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The technique in which subtle energy sources are used to address problems related to health and mental states without the use of medicine is called spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is known to emanate from the consciousness of the healer traveling to the consciousness of the affected. There are proofs that these energies can flow across any distance and successful treatment can be administered across miles. It improves the natural process of healing in the affected and is a sign of positive energy, faith, and belief. It helps the body to recover in a short span of time and is used to accelerate the recovery process from a serious illness. Healing with the help of positive energy has been recognized over a thousand years in the Asian region as a proven form of treatment. However, Western medical sciences have started to adopt this concept of spiritual healing and have bought to good use. This form of treatment does not require any affiliation to particular religious practice and is a simple form of treatment used along with conventional procedures for improved results. There are various different methods of spiritual healing such as 1. Prayers are the most common method of spiritual healing. 2. Radionics devices and stones that are known to emanate positive energy are used to facilitate spiritual therapy. 3. Can also be mobilized the help of advanced concentration techniques. 4. The efficiency of the spiritual healing process can be achieved greatly by intense meditation. 5. Psychic abilities can also be used to propagate spiritual healing treatments. 6. Universal compassion techniques can be effectively used in mobilizing spiritual therapy.

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