Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implants: Everything You Should Know

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Posted on: 17-Jan-2019 8:58
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Aging is an inevitable part of our lives and over the years, it is common for our teeth to experience wear due to the foods and drinks we consume as well as our lifestyles. Some people can experience and develop different oral health issues. While some oral issues develop as a natural part of aging, there are oral health issues brought on by poor oral health habits and lifestyle choices. Tooth decay can create problems for teeth surrounding the affected one, and cause movement or loosening of the teeth. It can even change your bite. If left without treatment for too long, you will likely lose the affected tooth as a result, leaving a gap between your teeth. Another way you may lose a tooth is through injury incurred in sports, outdoor activities, or a bodily accident. When you lose a tooth, you have a gap in your mouth, which puts the rest of your teeth at risk and can lead to more costly problems in the future. Advancements in technology have contributed restorative dentistry initiatives and the ability to help patients with these kinds of issues. For example, the application of dental bridges and dental implants offers a solution to a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, whatever the case may be. They have the ability to give back a person’s natural smile at maximum comfort and functionality. Implementing these dental solutions also helps prevent existing problems from developing further. If this is the first time you are hearing about these types of treatment, read further to understand the differences between them. You can also visit our Aspen Dentist, Dr. Wael Elsaghir, to get more first-hand information about the procedures. Our Aspen Dental Clinic, Montreux Dental, services Aspen, Springbank, and surrounding areas.

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