Important Home Cleaning Tips

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Posted on 18-Sep-2019 8:16
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Everyone in today wants his home and place to be clean and tidy when your family and friends come for a visit. A busy schedule, a long week you find a struggle for the time. You cannot manage the cleaning process properly. Moreover, if you are need of help and looking for some improvement in the home, following these important home cleaning tips from Ménage Total cleaning services in Montreal to make your life free from the stress of cleaning.

Sink in the Kitchen
In the light of, the kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in the home. A large amount of potentially harmful bacteria is found in most of the sinks. Furthermore, a general useful tip to clean is to disinfect and sanitize it regularly. Not only but also, fill up the sink with warm water and add a small amount of detergent or vinegar and let it stay for 5 to 10 minutes. It will eliminate the bacteria.

In addition, another important tip is to use wax paper to polish the handles and the vinegar to remove the lime to make your sink look better.

You cook on a regular basis and you have a stain on the stovetop. This can be a problem if you have some guests arriving around. Try using the baking soda and scrub down the problems spots. This will help in removing the char more easily without much effort. The next important step is to clean the metal pieces. In conclusion, fill the sink with warm water and soap detergent and then put the metal parts in the sink. Add a dryer sheet to the water and let the metal parts soak for an hour. This will help remove the char completely. Now finally wipe it and dry.

You want your bed to clean as possible. First of all, make a habit of changing the sheets regularly on a weekly basis. Additionally, make a schedule of sheet washing. Moreover, you can keep your mattress fresh by the use of baking soda and vacuum it off. Not only but also, this will increase the freshness of the bed.

Of course, the bathrooms can be the dirtiest place

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