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Posted on 18-May-2020 7:41
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If you are betting on NHL hockey and you need NHL Expert picks, then you can follow some of the best NHL handicappers at hockeypicks.com. Once you’ve login to the site, simply look at the top menu bar and follow the best NHL Experts. Hockeypicks.com has a feature where they track all the players picks and breaks down their record, depending on which confidence level they selected when making their hockey picks. Some of our top NHL Expert picks have hit in the high 70% during certain weeks and we’ve seen many of our players go on amazing runs and they earn a cup every time they sweep a night of picks. If you’re looking to see which NHL expert you should be following, there’s a feature called the “honor roll”, where they promote the player who swept the board the night before and earn a small mini Stanley Cup to their profile. The more cups you see on a player’s profile, you should be following that player, as he’s demonstrated to be an excellent NHL expert who knows which hockey pick to bet on a daily basis. For more information please visit the site https://www.hockeypicks.com/

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