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Posted on 27-Apr-2019 8:03
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Chango is a free personal finance management, budget tracker and financial litaeracy app, Its a single app which will keep you in track with your finances and help you lead the life of your dreams with financial stability. Everybody is at different stages in their financial life. With Chango, you pick what matters most to you and we’ll provide the tools for you to get there. Whether it’s a rainy day fund, travel hacks, or how soon you can afford to upgrade your Phone. Help will be at your fingertips. We’re working towards something big. Finance is tricky. It can be scary, daunting, and the list can go on forever. But it shouldn’t be like this, we can get things delivered to us from across the world, have all the movies ever made at our fingertips, but our personal finance, the most important thing, is scattered. It shouldn’t be like this; that’s why we’re working on fixing it. We’re bringing back the human experience to personal finance. Our mission revolves around you, bringing you value that matters to you for finance. We want you to be in control and, most of all, have the time to experience more. Our vision is a grand one, but it’s simple. We’re creating a unified financial world, and empowering each person to make smarter choices. We built our system from the ground up, focused on helping you with your financial matters. With the power of machine-learning and artificial intelligence, we can grow with you and adapt to you. Everyone is different, so we don’t apply a single size that tries to fit all. Because of this strategy, we can deliver unique insights to you. We can help you with your spending, and put you on a path that works for you.

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Personal Finance, Budgeting & Financial Literacy application calgary