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Posted on 27-Nov-2018 8:11
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Leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ibeacon app development, businesses are collecting extensive and accurate data using proximity solutions. If you are also looking forward to enhance your chances in order to boost your sales, why don’t you get in touch with the best ibeacon app development company?

We at Amrev Media, are certified experts in ibeacon app development having catered various industries around the globe. We have our own beacon device and have developed multiple POCs.

Following are some BLE/ ibeacon apps we developed for us and our clients:
BLE/iBeacon Based Automobile Solution
BLE/iBeacon Based City Tour Guide Solution
BLE/iBeacon Based Agriculture Solution
BLE/iBeacon Based Art Management Solution
BLE/iBeacon Based Healthcare Solution
We also have been a brand that has boosted the business of several companies through ibeacon development or BLE App Development.
Get in touch today for custom ibeacon / BLE app development for your business by an expert team of Amrev Media.

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