Super Fluffy Pancakes in Midtown

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Posted on 4-Feb-2019 8:05
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Whether for breakfast or for mealtime, if you wish to boost your mood with super fluffy Japanese pancakes; just drop by Fuwa Fuwa! Recently inaugurated in Midtown, the Toronto pancakes shop is spreading happiness with Japanese dessert that is not only delicious but are also light airy to meal in the mouth.
Toronto is a diverse North American urban. Fuwa Fuwa comprehends this fact well and thus takes away the chance to celebrate its liveliness with a tint of Japanese culture. It remains open throughout a week; welcoming guest to relish its super fluffy pancakes, prepared within 20 – 30 minutes of an order has been placed. It has some of the best pancakes in Toronto and its special menu includes Signature Cookies & Cream Pancake, Nutella Banana Pancake, Raspberry Chocolate Lava Pancake, Strawberry Pancake with Chocolate Sauce, Matcha White Chocolate Pancake, Breakfast Pancake, Fuwa Fuwa Signature, Tiramisu Pancake, Blueberries Cheese Pancake and Fuwa Fuwa French Toast. Each of their pancakes is a delicate amalgamation of the traditional pancake and the handcrafted soufflé pancake. And this has allowed the shop to receive instant limelight as the perfect place for Japanese dessert in Toronto.
Thus the next time, you feel like satisfying your sweet tooth with some super fluffy Japanese pancakes, don’t miss out the menu at this place.

Address 2471 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4P 2H6
Super Fluffy Pancakes in Midtown calgary
Super Fluffy Pancakes in Midtown calgary