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Posted on 27-Jul-2017 1:01
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Total Clean Team Inc Services

- Roof Cleaning:
Being Ontario’s first Roof Cleaners, at Total Clean Team we know how important it is to keep an attractive image or even increase the curb appeal of your home, while keeping the investment of your roof clean and protected. Our trained professionals at Total Clean Team, have built our reputation of roof cleaning on all types, therefore being known as the leaders in the industry. We offer the most cost effective roof cleaning services, saving you thousands on unneeded replacements.

- Wood Cleaning, Sealing and Staining:
We delight ourselves on our abilities to Clean patios and driveways, but we’re also experts at taking over worn-out, beat-up wooden decks and remodeling them back into stylish additions again. With a Total Clean Team deck cleaning and stealing, you gained outdoor living the whole family will enjoy.

- Siding Cleaning and Protecting:
Giving Life Back To Your Home - There’s a high-quality line among pressure washing siding and gouging it away. Many companies use power so robust that it is able to bite apart nearby greenery or consume chunks out of your siding. Wrong one twist to bend can cause costly damage. Thanks to our proven to work cleansing system, we don’t need that type of damaging pressure. A pre-cleaning solution sprayed on your siding, kills mold, mildew and fungus while loosening and lifting dirt. Then we follow up with a low-pressure rinse: and siding comes out glowing clean, and your landscaping remains intact.

- Pavers or Stone Cleaning and Protecting:
Pavers and natural stone are increasing popular choice for an outdoor living space. They are very durable with their own unique beauty. however, they are uncovered to the outdoor elements and require care to keep them looking fresh. Examine directly to analyze the greater elements that stain or harm your stone work and the way proactive cleansing and sealing can preserve their beauty.

Address Total Clean Team Inc - Roof Cleaning Products 7150 Torbram Rd, Unit 5 Mississauga, ON, L4T 3Z8 Canada 416-558-3254
Total Clean Team Inc - Roof Cleaning Products calgary
Total Clean Team Inc - Roof Cleaning Products calgary
Total Clean Team Inc - Roof Cleaning Products calgary