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Business Name Highmark Safety Solutions
Short Title Highmark Safety Solutions
Title Our emphasis is on supplying quality occupational health and safety program management, safety personnel and safety supplies across Alberta and the world.
Description Highmark Safety provides multiple health and safety consulting services. Our emphasis is on supplying quality site safety personnel, safety program development and management, and sale of safety supplies. Our services are tailored to meet the customers’ needs.
Highmark Safety's resources and supports are adaptable and will fit the specific needs of companies in oil and gas, construction, or manufacturing. Highmark safety can assist you with:

Safety consulting services
Recruiting permanent or contract safety professionals
Developing a safety program and manual meeting legislative requirements
Purchase of safety equipment and supplies
Contractor management
Coaching of safety management systems
Site inspections and audits
Incident investigations
Address 3650 19 Street NE, #1, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 6S8, Canada
Phone (403) 730-6551
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