Allstate Insurance, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Allstate's agencies make it easier for you to do business and provide you with an exceptional customer experience. Our team of trusted advisors is here to help you with any concerns or questions you may have about your insurance.
With over 50 years of experience behind us, Allstate has you covered. Our products range from auto, home, condo and tenant, to life, home security and travel insurance through our alliances with other companies.
Our agencies are created with you, our customers, in mind:
• highly visible, accessible locations
• a comfortable, family-friendly environment
• exceptional service through a team of experienced Agents
• supported by The Good Hands Network®: 1-800-allstate (1-800-255-7828) and

Your Choice Auto®
Your Choice Home®
Seasonal and Rental Property
Life and Health

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Published on Thu, 04 Feb 2016 11:19:49 -0800 by Chicago Tribune
Will crashes continue to raise auto insurance rates?
After a year of hefty auto insurance rate increases, Allstate executives say they're waiting to see whether an uptick in crashes continues before deciding whether additional rate hikes are likely. Auto rate increases across the Northbrook-based insurer ...

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