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Finding the best insurance rates can be a time consuming process, so itís no surprise that most people canít be bothered to shop around and find the best price for the insurance coverage they need. That's where Kanetix comes in.
Canadian insurance consumers have been using Kanetix as a one-stop shop to access instant quotes from competing insurers for over a decade. On average, 40% of consumers who found savings on their car insurance using Kanetix, found savings of more than $600 per year.
Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with George Small, co-founder of Kanetix, about how consumers can save on auto insurance.
Easily and quickly save on insurance, mortgage rates and credit cards by comparison shopping at Kanetix.ca.

In minutes, compare free insurance quotes and rates from 40+ providers.
* Car insurance: Save up to $600* or more on your car insurance
* Home insurance: Combine home & auto insurance and save
* Travel insurance: Save up to 55%Ü on your travel insurance
* Life insurance: Save by comparing term life insurance quotes
* Health insurance: Get the right coverage for you and your family
* Mortgage rates: Compare online mortgage rates to save
* Credit cards: Compare credit card features, benefits & rates online
Contact Kanetix at Call us at 1-888-854-2503 toll-free or at 416-598-5401 locally.
quotes: ttp://www.kanetix.ca/insurance-quotes-plp

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Published on Thu, 14 May 2015 02:15:20 -0700 by CBC.ca
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