ART SPOT Expresstival: Arts Festival Downtown Calgary

Posted on 16-Aug-2022 16:10
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We have a massive arts festival coming up and would love to see you there!
Explore art in Calgary in a way you have never experienced before. This Sept 10th, in partnership with the Downtown Association, ART SPOT is throwing a massive freeform art event in downtown Calgary! This interactive exhibition will feature hundreds of local artists, showcasing their art in a freeform environment. Artists are given a space to express themselves, in way of performance, exhibition, installation, demos, workshops and so much more.
ART SPOT is a non-profit artist/volunteer run organization that has been a home to emerging artists since 2008. Most known for the notorious “Under $100 Art Show”; which, in it’s 14th year of operation, featured over 200 local artists and brought out over 4000 attendees, and with over 100 art events under it's belt, ART SPOT is an integral part of the Calgary art scene.
Expresstival is intended to break down barriers in the art world and to accept all artists from all walks of life. Artists are encouraged to express themselves freely, without boundaries and to create connections with the people of Calgary.

Address Lot. 6, 311 8th Street, SW, Calgary, AB
ART SPOT Expresstival: Arts Festival Downtown Calgary calgary