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Posted on 17-May-2022 6:53
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At Valiente Senior Living, we understand that the senior care industry is not doing the best job that it can in taking care of the elderly; it’s our focus to change that as we want to build a positive path for the future. From the top of our business all the way down through each individual staff member, we strive to go the extra mile when it comes to the care that your loved one receives in our assisted living facility. We are passionate about our residents – committed to ensuring their smiles, their laughs, their happiness, and providing them with the dignity that they deserve.
When it comes to providing your loved ones with excellent care, communication is essential to keeping you informed about their treatments.

Our promise to our customers is that we will be open, honest, and transparent at all times and, more importantly, we will FIX any issues that may arise. Our assisted living facility will always communicate when there are issues or potential issues and focus on being an asset to your family during the time that your loved one is with us. We like to be considered as an extended family member; in order to do so, we believe in forming a relationship based on trust.

Address 33417 Pinehurst Loop, Magnolia, Texas Texas
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assisted living magnolia tx calgary
assisted living magnolia tx calgary