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There is always a busy office and moreover, it makes it very difficult to clean. Menage Total Housekeeping service in Montreal helps to ease down the burden of cleaning. The best and proper way to ensure proper cleanliness in the home is to hire a professional housekeeping company. Menage Total offers daily, weekly and bi-weekly housekeeping services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We have a professional team of cleaners that can clean the home. Not to mention, make it comfortable and clean that you feel proud of the home with the fresh look and up to date cleanliness

Menage Total offers a vast range of housekeeping services and its services are not limited to:

Residential Cleaning Services
Apartment Cleaning Services
Commercial Cleaning Services
Condo Cleaning Services
Since 2010 Ménage Total has made its name in the cleaning industry. By its hard work and dedication to the work detail. We are a trusted company by customers in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil by providing the best cleaning services. At an affordable and best prices available in the market. Not only but also, we encourage valuable customers to write to us. Moreover and provide their valuable feedback to improve our services. In fact, help in developing and building a strong customer relationship.

We offer the best customizable housekeeping services depending on the customer and clients requests with 100% satisfaction and guarantee.

Our Housekeeping services
Floor Vacuum
We vacuum the floors in each room by removing the hard stains and spots on the carpets, hardwood floors and tile floors. Our experienced cleaners remove the cushions and clean the furniture dust and grime.

Cleaning and Dusting
Menage Total expert cleaners dust each surface of the home to remove allergies. Our cleaning service includes dusting and cleaning the picture frames, light fixtures, window sills, blinds, and wardrobes.

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