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Are you looking for an affordable courier shipping company in India? Extra Ship is one of the top transnational Couriers dispatching Companies in India. We always aim at offering secure, reasonable, speedy, and utmost complete transnational courier service all over the world.
LTL (less than truckload shipping or less than load (LTL)) carriers, which transport relatively light freight, provide transportation and logistics services. Parcel carriers and full truckload carriers are two options to LTL carriers. Small parcels and freight that can be broken down into parts of less than 150 pounds are frequently handled by parcel carriers (68 kg). Freight loaded onto a semi-trailer is transported by full truckload carriers. Semi-trailers are normally between 26 and 53 feet (7.92 and 16.15 metres) long and require a significant volume of freight to be cost-effective.

Service – Sea Freight Forwarder, Air Freight, Sea Cargo Shipping, and Customs Clearance.
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Hassle Free Sea Freight Forwarding Services Worldwide calgary