How to Block Emails on Gmails on My Phone?

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Posted on 9-Nov-2022 13:56
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In this Article guide, we’ll show you how to block and unblock emails addresses on Gmail account. Since Gmail mobile app looks identical on iPhone and Android, we’ll cover them in a single section. Let’s get started. The solution introduce above works only with specific email addresses. If the company uses another email address to send marketing emails, then you’ll need to keep repeating that solution. But instead, you can create a rule in Gmail and block all future emails with a specific sender name and multiple email addresses. If this doesn't work Please Contact technical assistance number is free of cost to dial +1(833)-836-0944 is open to contact at any point in time in the whole day 24/7 expert to helps you.

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How to Block Emails on Gmails on My Phone? calgary