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Posted on 5-Mar-2021 19:03
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"If you want your children to reap better in life then you need to sow as a parent"

What type of income is your child's savings making every month?
No interest cash savings?
interest income?
Capital gain?
Dividend incomes?

With Financial Education You Can get Most Out of Your Money.

Just save $10 a day for your child and your child will get around $700,000 in his/her life. And leaves the legacy of $300,000 for his/her Children.
you Can utilize his/her money for:
1- Education $50,000
2- Marriage expenses $50,000
3- Mortgage payment $100,000
4- To buy a car $50,000
5- to Start a business $100,000

And from the age of 65 to till death he/she will get around $20,000/year as a pension.

Sounds Convincing?
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