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Posted on 10-Mar-2021 16:48
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Increase cash flow

Invest for your Children, that can generate income. and understand personal finance skills.

Protect your self and your family
Have Wealth account Insurance. Suggested Wealth account insurance coverage is 5x to 10x worth of your annual income (or annual expenses). Your protection is going to be part of your emergency fund.

Pay short term premiums and get long term care and benefits.

Critical Illness can strike at any time. company will look after your medical expense.

-Advantages of a critical illness plan
-Tax-advantaged, cash benefit
-Flexibility to allocate money as needed
-Simple application of questions with yes or no answers
-Various maximum lifetime benefit amounts from $10,000 to $50,000

Build your emergency fund.
Save at least $10-15 per day worth of your income (or expenses).

Invest and save for future business or dream goal.

Learn to invest and save funds for future business ventures, for your goals like your dream house, retirement fund.
Prepare for retirement. Plan your estate, legacy, and wellbeing of your Children.
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