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Posted on 27-Jan-2021 20:45
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Hey, My name is Reid Sterling a University of Alberta Immunology and Infection graduate. I understand that the sudden shift to online schooling during the 2019-2020 school year had some kids being left with gaps in their knowledge in core classes.

As a tutor and a student, I understand how hard it can be to catch up and learn new topics when the foundational knowledge wasn't there. Therefore, at Sterling tutoring we strive to make sure that every topic is fully understood before moving on to a new and maybe more challenging one. We also understand that learning can be difficult sometimes and that not everybody sees things the same way, for that reason we try and come at each new topic from a variety of different ways and elaborate on possible study habits that the student can use moving forward.

If you as a student or your son or daughter needs help catching up in school, just wants to take that B+ to an A or wants help learning how to study more efficiently. Please contact me at [email protected]

Classes Offered: Physics,Chemistry, Biology @ the 20 and 30 Level Science Math @ the 10-30 Level Science @ the 10 Level 1st and 2nd year University Immunology

Offering In-Person or Online (Zoom) Tutoring Sessions in the Calgary Area Offering Online (Zoom) - Everywhere in Alberta


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